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XP Series – Professional Use

 The undisputed workhorse of the portable market, troche Generac’s NEW professional grade XP Series portable generators are engineered specifically with contractors and construction sites in mind. All models are powered by the Generac OHVI® engine designed specifically for generators and built to withstand extended job site use. The XP Series is noticeably more substantial than most portable generators, click sporting impact-resistant cast metal corners and a heavy-duty, view hardened steel tube cradle. Integrated handle supports and brackets are engineered as part of the casting for even more durability.

Features common to all XP Series portable generators include:

  • Full-panel GFCI protection that is OSHA and NEC 2011 compliant.
  • Idle control to conserve fuel and reduce noise.
  • An integrated lifting eye for easy transport and security on the job site.
  • True PowerTM technology that provides clean, smooth operation of sensitive electronics, tools and appliances.
  • A large-capacity steel fuel tank with an incorporated fuel gauge to keep you up and running on the job site.
  • Covered outlets are protected from the elements.
  • An easy-to-access control panel that includes engine choke, fuel shutoff and on/off switch.

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